This program focuses on anti-aging and combines nutritional and food reactivity tests, with diet, exercise, anti-aging facial and skin care products and Emotional Repolarization Therapy (ERT). Your body will tell us what nutrition it needs to fight the war against aging.


You will be given eating guidelines, exercise suggestions and nutrition specific to your needs. The key to anti-aging is superior nutrition, both how you eat and how you supplement. When you offer the body everything it needs to repair itself you have the best chance of warding off the years. It is also important to remove products that age the body and the skin.

The Anti-Aging protocol utilizes QRA testing

This is a general body assessment testing your teeth, vertebra and organs. It communicates with your body to understand what your body’s priorities are, and what your body’s biological preferences are for products. We are able to test all parts of the body for nutrition with QRA. You will receive complete instructions for your customized program, outlining the findings and in-depth information about specific cleanses, products and lifestyle modifications you will need to reach your optimal health goals.

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